Clarification on how updates work

Clarification on how updates work

If this were regular credit repair, you would have updates either every 35, 45, 60 or 90 days based off the reports that you receive in the mail. Your dispute letters sent out would be based off templates and your total timeframe would be 12 months - 5 years. This is normally bureau-only disputes and not targeted to your situtaiton, more of a one-size-fits-all-program. 

With my credit sweep, updates are processed based on the factors listed below and are based off of IdentityIQ. As you can imagine, if I cannot get into IdentityIQ, I cannot process an update. 1st update is approximately 40 days (although it can be longer), all other rounds are approximately 35 days (although it can be longer). In total, there are normally only 6 rounds of disputes and do not surpass 8 rounds. Total timeframe is 6-9 months. 100% targeted and tailored to the needs of your credit file. 

  • If the bureaus stated that there was additional information received (a lie of course), they legally have 15 more days
  • If creditor disputes were done, this changes the update date by up to 2 weeks
  • If collection disputes were done, this changes the update date as well
  • If collection disputes were done first and bureau disputes sent out a few days later, update is changed by 1 week
  • If complaints were done, date is also changed
  • If the bureaus requested different documents because the client submitted bad docs to begin with (such as a picture of an envelope as proof of address or something similar), disputes cannot go out until this new document is received

Bottom line: factors such as what was disputed, how, with whom, when, method, etc. are used to determine when the next update is. This is to YOUR BENEFIT because it achieves better results, faster. I could very simply do what everyone else out there is doing and it would save me 12 hours of work per day. However, that's not what gets the results and therefore, I do not do it. 

If it has been a few days past the date in your portal, this is the reason why. If it has been a few weeks past the date in your portal, this is the reason why. I should receive an email from you if it has been 60 DAYS with no update, now that I would understand! 

I hope that this clarifies and provides understanding to this process. 

If you have questions:

1. Please check the knowledge base at

2. Please check your client portals

3. If you do not find the answer, please submit a support ticket

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