If the bureaus don't respond, does that mean they didn't get my disputes?

If the bureaus don't respond, does that mean they didn't get my disputes?

Credit sweeps are different than credit repair programs. Beacuse we have less interaction with the credit bureaus and because we do not go off of their credit reports, their responses are of little value to us. We're able to login to their websites and see that your negative items are in-dispute (or if they are not). If in-dispute, then their lack of a response doesn't matter. We base all disputes on the credit monitoring site alone and it's not illegal for the bureaus to ignore you (meaning that they're not going to go to jail). Yes, it may be a violation, but what's someone going to do about it? They know that going after that is not going to do anything and therefore, they do what they want. 

Having said that, if you do not receive a response from the bureaus, don't fret, it's not required and it's irrelevant if the negative items are marked as -in-dispute. 

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