Requirements for credit sweep processing

Requirements for credit sweep processing

Required for credit sweep processing:
1. login for identityiq login
2. docs: copies of ID, SSN, proof of address
3. Sign up form found here

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    • What happens at the end of the credit sweep?

      While other companies leave you hanging at the end of their service, we provide a personalized plan that will allow for you to have the next 3 months planned out for your credit life. We will give you the tools to obtain credit for yourself to boost ...
    • Is credit repair legal?

      Yes, our credit repair method is 100% legal. We use the dispute letter method, which is the only legal method out there. We do not have a "contact" at one of the bureaus, and anyone that states they do is ripping you off. Everything that we do, you ...
    • What are the client portals links?

      Credit Restoration Portal is to keep track of your score increases, what's being disputed, dates, etc. The Client Space is where your dispute copies are uploaded and where you can upload ...
    • How long does the credit restoration process take?

      It all depends on how many negative inaccurate, obsolete, misleading or duplicate items are on your credit reports. It also depends on the credit bureaus properly doing their job by heeding the federal law, Fair Credit Reporting Act.  You will ...
    • Getting Started: Credit Sweep Initial Audit Timing

      The current set up, analysis, research and dispute timeframe is 9business days. Client portals are completed 3-5 days later. Here is the process: (business days) Set up 1-3 days Analysis 3-5 days Research and Disputes 2+ days Once disputes have been ...