What are the client portals links?

What are the client portals links?

Credit Restoration Portal is to keep track of your score increases, what's being disputed, dates, etc.

The Client Space is where your dispute copies are uploaded and where you can upload documentation under the shared folder
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    • Clarification on how updates work

      If this were regular credit repair, you would have updates either every 35, 45, 60 or 90 days based off the reports that you receive in the mail. Your dispute letters sent out would be based off templates and your total timeframe would be 12 months - ...
    • How do I reset my client portal password?

      To reset your portal password:  For the Credit Restoration Portal, simply submit a ticket on the help desk and we will send you a link to reset password.  For The Client Space website, simply let us know what your new password should be.
    • What do I do with the paperwork I receive back from the creditors/collection agencies/credit bureaus?

      Please upload your paperwork either to your Credit Restoration portal or to The Client Space portal. A notification will automatically be sent to us, so no need to ask for confirmation.  Credit Restoration link The Client Space link
    • I've recently signed up, how do I get into the client portal?

      If you've signed up recently, you will not have access to the client portal until the disputes have been sent out. Your client portal is created at the time the disputes are downloaded. A client portal tracking link will be sent to you, requesting ...
    • When will my new disputes be on my client portal?

      For disputes on round 1:  5 days after disputes go out. Disputes go out in 9 business days from the date of sign up.  8As long as the SSL certificate is installed on the client portal For disputes on round 2+: Within a few days Why does it take so ...