Should I pay off this collection or wait for it to be removed first?

Should I pay off this collection or wait for it to be removed first?

This is a really important time for you. 

You're getting your life together (at least financially with your credit, right?), making plans for the future...

What if you finally have money to pay off a collection and you're in the middle of a credit sweep? What is the best option? 

RECOMMENDED: 1. Remove the collection first and then pay for it
A. This will ensure that your score does not decrease
B. This will ensure that there is no negative consequence to your credit report
C. The creditor/collector will not have any more incentive to do anything and will not re-report the account to your credit report

2. Pay for the collection prior to removal:
A. This may or may not raise your score
B. This more than likely will do nothing for your score
C. This will not remove it from your credit report
D. You cannot get a pay for delete because it is already paid (if not removed by the sweep)
E. Although illegal, they may change some of the dates would naturally make the account fall off

As you can see, the best option is to pa once removed from the credit report. If the company is taking you to court however, the can change the circumstances and you need to first protect yourself and your assets. 

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