What's the average dispute time per account type?

What's the average dispute time per account type?

Below you will find the average dispute time per account type. Keep in mind these are averages and each client's situation is different. 

i.e. husband and wife may have a joint account but because they are 2 different people, their file are handled separately. 
The following senarios may occur: 

  • one account may be removed/corrected first
  • both may be removed/corrected at the same time
  • both may not be removed/corrected
  • one account may be removed/corrected while the other is not

Account type: average timeframe
  1. medical: 3 rounds
  2. judgements, some tax liens: 3 rounds
  3. inquiries: 4-5 rounds
  4. late payments: 3-6 rounds depending on creditor (i.e. Synchrony bank late payments are 5 rounds on average but Navy Federal takes 9 rounds on average or sometimes cannot be corrected)
  5. charge-offs, repos, foreclosures: 5+ rounds
  6. child support: even with supporting documentation, child support is extremely difficult to remove or correct. 80% of the time, child support takes on average 6 rounds
  7. student loans and bankruptcies: 6 rounds - cannot be removed

As you can see, each account type has a different average. You then must take into account the specific situtations, creditors, age of account, balances, etc. Unfortunately, some accounts cannot be removed or corrected. The FCRA mandates that the only negative items that can be removed are inaccurate, incomplete or unverifiable. If the account is reported accurately, it cannot legally be removed. 

This is why it's imperative to use factual disputes, no templates and find all violations to escalate and expedite the process. 
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