Why is it so hard to remove negative information from my credit report?

Why is it so hard to remove negative information from my credit report?

First we must understand that the bureaus and creditors are not on your side. This is not the "credit" business, but the "data" business. 

Creditors and bureaus are in the business of selling and buying data and the goal is to keep you sub-prime because that equates to more money for them. 

If you look at it that way you will understand why the bureaus and creditors have no incentive to remove inaccurate negative information! It's a loss of money for them. It's lower APRs. Lower fees. Shorter contracts. Cheaper loans. It's more man-power to fix your inaccuracies. More money to purchase documentation to prove verification and validation. 

Going into this, one must also understand that you do not have the upper-hand and that negative (inaccurate or accurate) info was never meant to be removed to begin with and that it's a battle prior to the start. This is why persistence is key and doing it the right way the first time is the goal. (i.e. do not jump from company to company!). If you go through mutiple companies prior to Expert Credit Sweeps, there's already damage done to the file on top of having to clean up the negative items!

Another point to consider is that only inaccurate, incomplete and unverifiable (per FCRA) information can be removed. Accurate, verified and complete negative information cannot be removed until the SOL has expired. This is why it's a process. If we can't prove that it's inaccurate, incomplete or unverifiable, then it cannot be removed. This is why there's a back and forth where we ask, demand, inquire, send proof, build evidence of violations, etc. Under the Metro 2 regulations, only 1 of those 3 are considered valid: inaccurate data. This means that although the FCRA states that inaccurate, incomplete and unverifiable info needs to be removed, the Metro 2 only says that inaccurate info needs to be removed! Who created the Metro 2? The bureaus. Who owns it? The bureaus. Who regulates it? The bureaus. Where did the formula come from? The bureaus. (see where we're going here?)

The bottom line on this one is that their goal is to keep you sub-prime and our goal is to get you out of that zone and into those lower APRs, lower fees, cheaper loans, etc. by removing inaccurate negative information. 

It may make more sense now why it's so difficult to remove these accounts and correct them. (Why?) They were meant to stay like that from the beginning. 
This is why it takes time and persistence. This is why you can't give up <-- that's exactly what they want. 
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