I didn't receive any responses. What's going on?

I didn't receive any responses. What's going on?

There's actually another ticket related to this, but I wanted to specifically answer this question:

This process is much different than the regular credit repair process and most of the time, I do not wait on responses and most of the time I do not even ask for them. 

Quite a few other companies wait for the responses, wait for you to upload them, wait for you to get all 3, etc. This adds an additional 30 days to EACH round. 

With this method, we take everything from the credit monitoring itself. 

If we waited for a response, what would it say?
  1. verified
  2. updated
  3. deleted
  4. removed

That's it. Guess what? Using the credit monitoring itself, we can verify the following: 
  1. verified
  2. updated
  3. deleted
  4. removed

Makes sense, right?

So, instead of wasting time, instead of hindering the process, we keep it moving so that we can get those results. 

If I'm not receiving responses, that means you're not doing anything, right?

There are times when clients believe that because they are not receiving responses, there's nothing being done. That's not at all true! I am able to see on the bureau websites and the credit monitoring that all items are in dispute and this is all that we care about. If they are not marked as in dispute, it is a violation of section 623 FCRA and 806b FDCPA. And once again, if you reference the first section above, you'll recall that this is not credit repair and is a totally different process wherein no response is requested most of the time. 

Aren't the required to respond?

Literal answer: Yes
Explained: Most consumers are not going to sue the bureaus and if you did take them to court over this, they would simply say they responded, would show the response listed in their computer and that would be that. Who's going to force them to do it?

I am able to see all updates via the bureau software and IdentityIQ and therefore, it does not matter whether they respond or not because I receive everything needed to get the new info!
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